What Are Abide Conferences?

In order to grow in delighting in God and overcoming darkness, we must learn more about God and the biblical wisdom he has given us. Our periodic Abide Conferences are designed to help equip us with Biblical knowledge so that we will be able to abide in it, knowing and applying the wisdom it contains. Explore our previously recorded Abide Conferences and look forward to upcoming conferences. If you've ever wanted to go deeper in your knowledge of the Bible, these conferences are here to fill that need. There is always another one coming, so be sure to keep up with us!

For further information, you may also want to check out our vision for Delighting in God, Abiding in His Word, and Overcoming Darkness, as well as our Abide Sermons and Abide Classes.



We have transitioned from focusing on monthly Sunday evening Abide Conferences to focusing on weekly Abide Classes. Join us Sundays at 9:30 as we dedicate more time to digging deeply into the Word.

Past Conferences