We invite those who would like to gain more information about our church covenant, beliefs, and vision to come join us for these four informational classes. No commitment is required, but all four classes are required for membership. Don't worry, if you can't make it to one, we'll set up a way to get you the information.

Why become a member?

Week 1: The Gospel

What is the Gospel? What is does Crossing Church believe about the core doctrines of the faith? Join us as we explore how the Gospel is not just an entrance exam but a way of life. Everything we do is a reflection of the Gospel.

Week 2: Our Vision

What is the purpose of a local church? Ministry is not a free-for-all where we set up programs for every good idea. What are our goals as a church for growth and outreach? All our ministries are geared towards three specific goals.

Week 3: Our Distinctives

What does it mean to be a Baptist? How is Crossing Church run? How do we pick leaders? Learn about how Crossing church functions and why.

Week 4: Membership Covenant and Serving Opportunities

Why should I become a member? What beliefs do members have to affirm? Are there responsibilities members must fulfill? What are the privileges of membership? How can I help Crossing Church spread the Gospel?