What's the Difference?

This study will look at John Piper's book What's the Difference?, a guide to biblical manhood and womanhood.

Book Description

The topic of manhood and womanhood is still strongly debated today and still greatly impacts our society. For Christians there is no doubt that the Bible must be the last word. But what does it teach about true manhood and womanhood? In what ways are men and women essentially the same? In what ways are they essentially different? And how do these differences affect our roles in the home, the church, and the wider society?

Noted pastor, author, and Bible scholar John Piper positively and sensitively looks at these important questions for both men and women. His conclusions will inspire and encourage you to live out your unique differences in a fulfilling, godly way.

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Additional Resources

A Guide to Biblical Manhood by Randy Stinson and Dan Dumas (SBTS)