Sunday Worship Service Cancellation for 9/13

Friends of Crossing Church,

Since the funeral for Taylor Martin (a student at Thomas Nelson) will be held on Sunday 9/13 at the High School, we will not be having a worship service. We will, however, still hold the Abide Conference from 5:30–8:30pm but the location has changed to Old Kentucky Home Middle School. Click here for directions

The death of Taylor has been a big blow to this community, and there will be an enormous crowd gathering to show their support for this family at the funeral on Sunday. Since we consider ourselves part of the TNHS community, the leaders and I thought that it would be appropriate for Crossing to help with the funeral (since it will be very large) because we cannot use our space for worship. For this reason, we are asking any of you who are able to consider volunteering your time to help with the complicated logistics of running such a large funeral. They need our help with parking, ushering, and perhaps working with the food (many have already donated it, though they will need help with serving it). Since this has never happened at this High School and there is not an established order for volunteers, you may need to just show up and be available. Many of us will be there before 10am to greet visitors and inform them of the change. The funeral is at 2pm.

Since we have committed ourselves to being a source of hope for this community, this is a good opportunity to surround a grieving family and community with love.

Pastor Daniel

"By this all people will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." –John 13:35