Abide Class: Biblical Theology

What is Biblical Theology?

Biblical theology is distinct from systematic theology, historical theology, or other fields of theology. Systematic theology asks the Bible modern questions and systematizes answers, organizing these answers into different categories, such as the theology of God, theology of man, and theology of salvation. Historical theology recounts the historical contributions to the field. Biblical theology takes the Bible on it's own terms by recounting the biblical narrative, tracing a theme through the whole Bible, or investigating a smaller corpus within the Bible, such as Paul's letters. Jim Hamilton writes in his book God's Glory in Salvation Through Judgment:

[Biblical theology] seeks to understand the Bible in its own terms, in its own chronology, as reflected in its canonical form. One of the key tasks of biblical theology is to trace the connections between themes and show the relationships between them . . . The great challenge in biblical theology is to hold together everything the Bible says so that nothing is nullified, negated, or neglected.

What will this class be like?

The goal of our Abide Classes is to grow our understanding of the Bible, equipping us to delight in God and overcome darkness. As our Life Groups help us apply what we know to overcoming darkness through discussion and relationships, Abide Classes will focus on content through teaching.

The content of this course will begin explaining biblical theology and the salvation narrative. It will provide a framework for understanding the whole Bible as one connected story, trace themes through the entire Bible, and make some connection to how these affect our lives.