The Meaning of The Blood Moon (Joel 2:28–32)

Part 3

Goal of all biblical interpretation: Worship

                Process: 1.Consider genre/place in storyline
                                       2. Think about original audience
                                       3. Apply rules of genre
                                       4. Take it to Christ

Genre #3 Prophecy

  1. Genre/Place: Who is the prophet and where/when was he preaching?
  2. Original audience: Depends on the passage
  3. Rules:
    • Listen with their ears
    • Find the fulfillment(s)
    • Find the call to action
  4. Take it to Christ

Example: Joel 2:28-32


Day of the Lord: “God breaking in to our world to save or to judge.”

Fulfillment: Acts 2:1-21

Call to action:

  • Joel 2:32
  • Acts 2:37-41
The imminent Day of the Lord should not direct our gaze to the sky or the news but to our hearts and tongues.

Two responses to the Day of the Lord:

  1. Hope for the weary
  2. Fear for the wayward and worldly
When everything in this world is transformed and undone, you better be relying on something not of this world.