You'll Get What You're After (Proverbs 14:12-14)

Part 4

Goal of all biblical interpretation: Worship


  1. Consider genre/place in storyline
  2. Think about original audience
  3. Apply rules of genre
  4. Take it to Christ

Genre #4: Wisdom

1. Genre/Place: Wisdom, transcends time and place.

2. Original audience: Universal

3. Rules: Questions to make it bloom

  • If there is a contrast, who are the characters?
  • What virtue does this commend?
  • What vice does this condemn?
  • What value does this affirm?
  • What would application look like?

4. Take it to Christ.

Example: Proverbs 14:12-14




Three things that cause us to backslide:

  1. Crises
  2. New Affections
  3. Laziness
The call to true life is the call to “Come and die.” Can you believe it?  If you can, you’ll keep all you’ve worked for. If you can’t, you’ll also keep all you’ve worked for, but here’s the catch: it won’t make it through the fire.