When Jesus Talks to God About You (John 17:13-21)

Part 6


Goal of all biblical interpretation: Worship


  1. Consider genre/place in storyline
  2. Think about original audience
  3. Apply rules of genre
  4. Take it to Christ

Genre #6 Gospels

  1. Genre/Place: Theologically-motivated history/biography
  2. Original audience: Early church
  3. Questions:
    • What does this reveal about Jesus?
    • Is there significant character development?
    • How can I identify with the characters?
  4. Take it to Christ:  

Example: John 17:13-21

  • When you belong to Jesus, he redefines your identity. He has naming rights.
  • When Jesus sets us apart, the world ceases to be our origin and becomes our destination.
  • What ruins unity is when our desires are not the same as God’s desires.
  • I destroy unity when I define myself by what I don’t like about you.
  • Think about one person you should have unity with, but don’t.
  • What are God’s desires for that person?
  • Are those your desires?
  • When Jesus talks to God about you, what does he ask for?
    • He wants you to see people with his eyes, to have unity.