Be Still And Know (Psalm 46)

Part 5

Goal of all biblical interpretation: Worship


  1. Consider genre/place in storyline
  2. Think about original audience
  3. Apply rules of genre
  4. Take it to Christ

Genre #5: Psalms

  1. Genre/Place: Songs from different authors in different circumstances.
  2. Original audience: God
  3. Rules:
    • Identify the emotion
    • Identify the truths
    • Identify patters or thematic/poetic developments
    • Connect with the emotion
    • Apply the truths
  4. Take it to Christ:

Example: Psalm 46

  • Verse 1. Before we think about anything else, let’s acknowledge who God is.
  • Verses 2-3. The response is decided before we ever discover the problem!
  •  Verse 4 Though an ocean may devour everything you know, there is a river to make you glad.
  •  Verse 5. An awareness of God’s nearness is enough sometimes to keep us from being shaken.
  • Verses 6-7. When God speaks, all your foes become obsolete.
  • Verses 8-9. He has dealt the decisive death blow to his enemies and rendered useless all their weapons.
  • Verses 10-11. If God can melt the earth when he speaks, what will happen when he tells you “Be still?”
 If God is our refuge, the certainty of his exaltation is the best thing we can hear.