A Pastor's Prayer for His Church (Ephesians 6:21–24)



Sermon Notes

The prayer of a pastor/planter for his church


“Peace is destroyed when differences are inflated.”

Peace comes from:     
            Right belief
            Right sight
            Right desire

Love with faith

Love is a gift.

Love with faith says, “I can extend myself sacrificially because I trust God”


God gives favor to those who love his Son.
God gives love to those who have none.

Personal Reflection

  • Think of circumstances that regularly steal your peace. Pray for right belief during those circumstances.
  • In what areas does your love have limits? Where do you have trouble loving with faith?
  • Meditate on the fact that God gives you favor for loving his Son and love for his Son to get favor.

Family Discussion

  • Talk with your family about times when you've lost perspective and lost your peace.
  • Teach your kids about what it means to love with faith. To love with faith means to love in a way that trusts what God says is true. example: it's more blessed to give than receive.
  • Talk as a family about how grace is favor that is not deserved. Grace is also not earned.
  • Pray with your family for Crossing Church, that we would have peace, love with faith, and grace.