Ephesians 6:1–9


Preacher: Daniel Wilson

Sermon Notes

Children must obey and honor
Fathers, don’t abuse your authority

instead, build up through

1. training
2. admonishing

Servants must serve sincerely and honestly

for this is God’s will

Masters must rule sincerely and honestly 

without threatening

for God is  your impartial master

God is your perfect, patient Father who trains and admonishes you.

God is your perfect, impartial master who will never threaten you nor make your burden too heavy.

Personal Reflection

  • Fathers, do you use your authority in an abusive way or in a way that trains your children?
  • In what specific areas are you training your children right now?
  • What things are you trying to correct?
  • Think of how you will work for your employer with sincerity and honesty.
  • Have you been caught up in boss-bashing?
  • Reflect on how your daily routines are the will of God for your life right now. Pray for the ability to redeem every task in your day for the glory of God.

Family Worship

  • Ask your kids why they should obey their parents.
  • Ask your kids to name a few examples of when it is difficult to obey mom and dad.
  • Talk to your kids about how you plan to help train them in these difficult areas.
  • Talk as a family about how God wants us to think about our jobs.
  • Talk as a family about how our attitude should be when we work.
  • Talk about how God is the perfect Father who is always training his children
  • Talk about how God is the perfect Master who never threatens us but gives us his delightful work to carry out.

Prayer Guide for July 7–13 

  • Day 1 – Pray for all Christians in North Korea. Pray specifically for a Baptist missionary named Kim Jung-wook. Kim was captured in June of 2013 and recently sentenced to labor camp for life after being charged with trying to build underground churches in the country. You can read more about this story at persecution.org 
  • Day 2 – Pray we would not neglect the Body but be a witness through our love for one another. 
  • Day 3 – Pray for the community of Cox's Creek and surrounding areas that we are trying to reach. 
  • Day 4 – Pray for spiritual strength for our church. Pray for faith to withstand the assaults of the evil one. 
  • Day 5 – Pray for obedience to God's will. Romans 12:1-2 
  • Day 6 – Pray for the Lord to provide funding for our launch budget. 
  • Day 7 – Pray for the Guiqiong of China. The Guiqiong have no background of belief or experience that will help them comprehend the good news of Jesus when it comes to them. Pray the Lord will give the Guiqiong the gift of conviction of sin. They need to know they need forgiveness.
  • http://www.unreachedoftheday.org/index.php?y=2014&m=07&d=13