Threats to Your Delight (Matthew 13:1–8, 18–23)

Part 2

Sermon Notes

Word of the kingdom: The King has arrived and is supplanting the old ruler and his dominion. Repent and believe!

3 threats to the fruitfulness of the seed:

  1. The evil one (birds)
  2. Fear (shallow roots)
  3. Worry and Wealth: security (thorns)

Good soil: hears, understands, reproduces

True delight is directly proportionate to how deep you let the kingdom of Jesus go and how much fruit you’re producing.      

3 threats to your delight:

  1. Satan
  2. Shallow fear
  3. Misplaced security and affections

Personal Reflection

Of all the soil types, which resembles how you regularly receive God’s word?

  • Stolen by the evil one before it takes root
  • Received but unnourished which withers under trial
  • Limited by the crowding thorns of the cares of this life or wealth, comfort, and                      security.
  • Heard, understood, and reproduced.

Think of several ways you can reproduce the word of Jesus’ advancing kingdom. Who can you tell about this King?

Where is the dominion of the old ruler still present in your life? Have you invited Jesus to bring his kingdom power into that area?

What will you do to ensure you have soil that is reproducing the fruits of the kingdom?

Family Worship

Repeat the parable with your family: Matthew 13:1-8

  • Ask if anyone can remember what the different soils are
  • Read 13:18-23 and explain the implications

Confess to your children times when you have been each of the different types of soil when God’s word is proclaimed. Pray with them for fruitfulness.

Ask your family about different ways you can be fruitful as a family. Talk about ways to reproduce the fruits of Jesus’ kingdom.

Talk about how delight is connected to how you receive the word. Those who receive the word and produce its fruits have the most delight.

Pray as a family for protection against being too preoccupied with the cares of the world or delighting too much in this life that you become unfruitful.