In His Presence (Psalm 16)

Part 7

Sermon Notes

Those who stay near to God secure their joy and peace forever.

vs. 1-2: The Need

Protection from leaving the refuge

vs. 3-4: The Threat

“It doesn’t really matter who you run after; it’s who you’ve left that’s the problem.”

vs. 5-6: The Choice

vs. 7-8: The Path

  1. God is your counselor
  2. You strive to be in his presence continually.

vs. 9-11: The Delight

  1. Fullness of joy
  2. Freedom from fear of judgment
  3. Clear understanding of life

Personal Reflection

  •  Pray Psalm 16. Ask God to keep you near, resting in him as a refuge.
  • Identify some of the things that make you want to run after other sources of satisfaction and peace. Where do you run? Do you find comfort in being religious?
  • Meditate on the inheritance that is yours: Delight forever in the presence of God. Allow this thought to give you perspective throughout your day/week.
  • Who counsels you most often? Who do you let give you counsel late at night? Have you set God before you? Do you meditate on His word?
  •  Are you living in fear of judgment? Delight in the knowledge of a God who accepts those who trust him.

Family Worship

  • Talk with your kids about what a refuge is. Tell them why it’s important for you to stay near to him as your refuge.
  • Confess to your family what things tempt you to leave God as your refuge.
  • Talk with your kids about how important it is to meet with God by reading the Bible.
  • Explain to your kids the difference between your inheritance and what the rest of the world values.
  • Talk with your family about how sorrow increases as you get further from God.