The Explosive Power of Delight Through Suffering (Habakkuk)

Part 4

Sermon Notes

Responses to Suffering:

1. Question God’s heart
            Hab. 1:2-4

2. Question God’s ways
            Hab 1:5-7

3. Remember, rest, and rejoice
            Hab. 3:10-19
            James 1:2-4

“Suffering has the power to blast through stony hearts that can’t feel love, dependence, hope, or peace.”

“Suffering has the power to declare to all of heaven and earth that you treasure God more than you comfort and ease.”

Personal Reflection

  • If you are experiencing any form of suffering currently, have you thanked God that he is at work and will not let you grow stagnant?
  • What has your suffering (previous or current) revealed about what you treasure most?
  • If you are not encountering suffering how can you pursue the nearness and dependence that you should be experiencing?
  • Pray and ask God for the maturity to find delight in suffering as it comes in the future.

Family Worship

  • Talk with your family about suffering you have experienced in the past and what it taught you about God and yourself.
  • Go through Habakkuk’s story again and meditate on his response in 3:17-19. Talk about what this would look like for your family to respond to bleak circumstances in a similar way.
  • Ask your kids what God wants more: to be comfortable or to be faithful. Explain the right answer to them.
  • Talk to your kids about what delight through suffering says about God. (He is enough for us and we can trust him)