Who is Christ

Sermon Notes

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11)

What does Christ mean?
     Christ = Messiah = Anointed One = Designated for a special purpose

Kings, prophets, and priests would be anointed. The Messiah was specifically prophesied as being God's anointed deliverer of Israel. When Jesus came proclaiming he was the Christ, Israel thought he would deliver them from Roman oppression (John 7:40–43). Israel expected a political Messiah, but Jesus had his sights set on a higher enemy. He doesn't save you from your enemies but from his.

Jesus' death came as a surprize for the disciples, like the death of a hero in the climax of a story. "That's not the way the story's supposed to end," we react in denial. Jesus' disciples thought he was about to rally an army. Instead, he gave himself up for arrest and died. Instead of waging a full frontal attack on Rome, he waged a full frontal attack on sin and death themselves, and he won and came back to life.

Jesus doesn't fulfill our expectations. He supercedes them.

We may think we know what we want Jesus to do in our lives, but his agenda is better than ours. He doesn't do what we want, he does what we need. Jesus says, Come and follow me and I will give you more than you can ever imagine.

We are sitting on the Titanic asking for a refill of sweat tea. Jesus denies our comforts, pursuit of self-fulfillment, American dream, and desire for early retirement and instead rescues us from a sinking ship.