A Savior

Sermon Passages: Luke 2:8-11;Titus 2:11-15; Titus 3:1-7

Sermon Notes

It's Christmas season, but do who do we really think the baby in the manger is?

Some think Jesus is a great teacher.
Some think he's alright, but don't like organized religion.
Some think he's all condemnation.

Luke 2 says he's Savior, Christ, and Lord who brings "great joy."

What does Jesus save from?


He doesn't just save us from Hell later. He saves us from sin now. Salvation from what? According to Titus 2 & 3, salvation enables us and trains us to be able to say "No!" to sin today. Jesus saves us from a life that's going backwards.

Families ignoring each other and completely self-absorbed will turn to each other in love. Students seeking self-worth in others or school will turn to Christ. Individuals living a life aimed at self-fulfillment will find delight only in loving and glorifying God.

If Christ is Savior, nothing ever stays the same.

For Christians, this may seem like old, boring news. If this is so, here's why:

  • You've forgotten what you were pulled out of.
  • You've forgotten what it took to save you.
  • You believe you're pretty good compared to others and Heaven is your reward.

Some call themselves Christians, but their lives have not changed. Again, if Christ is Savior, nothing ever stays the same.