Psalm 115

Sermon Passages: Psalms 111Philippians 3:8


God is in control and does as he pleases, not as you please. The psalmist taunts idolaters telling them that their gods are only carvings and can't do anything. They made their own gods because they wanted ones that served them.

Nobody ever makes up a god who disagrees with them. They (and we) want self-serving gods:
You will only make idols that look like you.
You become like your god.
We expect out idols to give us something only God can. We pursue comfort, fulfillment, a sense of purpose, security, or anything else that only God can give. Stop waiting for your idols to bless you. Only God does, and he does no matter what your past contains. He blesses all his children.

Then we take his blessings for granted. We gain a sense of entitlement saying that we deserve ours, hoarding our blessings, or doubting God once he takes them from us. He didn't have to give them to us in the first place. We begin pursuing the gifts over the Giver, making them the idols we serve instead of God.

God's blessings are not our help and shield, our sole source of joy and satisfaction. Only God himself is that.

What will we do with the stuff God has given us? Will we use it to pursue and glorify him or will we use it to build an idol?