Loss of a Child


In November, Crossing Church member Timothy Jacobs had the pleasure of a visit from his sister Lisa Gribble from California who was able to join us for worship. Read her story and praise God for the work he is doing in her life and through his Word. Her story comes in a Christmas letter sent to family and friends.

Her Story:

"There isn’t too much to report, as our year basically revolved around one great and one awful event. To get to the point, we became parents [of a baby girl, through pre-adoption] on February 8th. After 8 wonderful months, tainted by a Spring and Summer in court, the judge made a decision that our daughter would not be available for adoption and we returned her to her birthmother on October 1st. It was the birthfather’s mother that brought us to court, as birthmother continued to encourage us every week. The precious baby girl now has a 50/50 custody split with both birthparents.

"We were very much attached to her and her to us, so it’s been a difficult two months since then.  In November, Andrew [Lisa's husband] went on a trip to visit his brother and family in Colorado, and Lisa went to Kentucky to visit her brother and family.  During the visit to Kentucky, the church sermon was about Psalm 46.  The pastor said that God has rendered useless all the weapons of our enemies. To Lisa, this meant that although Satan’s weapons were used on us where it hurt most, he can never take away our relationship with our God.  It is the same with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Muslim-dominated countries. In those countries, many are turning towards Christ every day; even though they are killed as a result, their relationship with Christ can never be taken away.

"We often look back and recount the many happy times we shared with our 'Claire Bear.'  We have been honored and humbled by the outpouring of love from many of you. God has provided blessings along the way and we know that He still loves us. We would have appreciated it if we had experienced Jesus’ second coming before we had to release our daughter, but I guess we all have to wait for that a bit longer. With that being said, this Christmas I’m glad we are still free to celebrate Jesus’ first coming.

"When you think of us, please pray that we will be brave to start working with a birthmother again. It’s a very vulnerable place to be, and we’ve done it twice already, unsuccessfully. We, too, will pray that God watches over you and your families and that He will draw each of you closer to Him in the coming new year.

"God bless you,
"Andrew & Lisa"