Shame and Freedom


As I read my bible this morning, after an evening/morning of being confronted with my sin....I realized something. And I realized it partly because of the words in this sermon! (The first sermon 'Light' on 2/1/15) My sins...the sins I struggle with most, and would rather hide from people are jealousy, pride, my quickness to anger. and self-righteousness. I don't mind sharing my history of sexual immorality. Or drunkenness. I'm not terribly ashamed of those. But I would prefer to hide how quick I am to be jealous and prideful. How deep I fall into self-righteousness. It's DISGUSTING. My sin is DISGUSTING. I am mean, I put my husband down and I micro-manage him. But this morning, as I am faced with all that sin - I remembered an illustration in this sermon.

That when light shines, all the cockroaches run and hide. And when light shines on our sins, we tend to hide it. Ashamed maybe even pretending like it doesn't exist. Or that specific sin doesn't exist (that's me)...but we need to let those cockroaches out. We don't need to hide our sin. It's there. It's a part of the fallen man. And because of the work done on the cross - I am no longer considered guilty. No need for shame...because Christ carried that shame for me. And because of his love for me (Romans 5:6-11), I don't have to hide my sin. I can deal with it. And BECAUSE of his love for me I SHOULDN'T try to hide it. He died on that cross so I wouldn't have to hide from the light, but so I could be FREE.

So this morning, instead of trying to hide my sin from my husband, and my family - I was able to confront it and say 'hey-this is my sin...this is my struggle! And by bringing it into the light, Satan no longer had a hold. But Christ took a hold of me in light. (The Scripture I was reading to bring all of this about was Galatians 5:16-26, and for the first time I actually realized the sin they talk about is MY sin. OUR sin. I've tried to hide it for so long, that I had gotten to the point I didn't even pay attention to it in scripture! THANK YOU JESUS! You abound in love!)